Corcam Beliefs

Corcam Tecnologia S.A. is a Brazilian company focused on innovation at MedTech Industry field, seeking to improve the quality of life of people by developing technological solutions.


Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are still #1 cause of deaths globally, accounting for nearly 20 million people every year. To tackle this problem, we need new tech, the right adoption approach, and active collaboration of local partners and medical communities around the world. Our ultimate goal is zero preventable CVD deaths.


In the U.S alone, CVDs accounted for over 300 billion in HC expenditures and lost in productivity. In India, World Economic Forum estimates 2.2 Trillion dollars of costs from 2012-2030. So, as we use to say, we are already paying for it, so our focus is on those opportunities of dramatic cost reduction combined with Value-Driven Healthcare.


Started in Sao Paulo city, we are now a global group of people and partners from various nationalities, that believes in the mission of avoiding all preventable CVD Deaths. Above all, we are here for the long run, so we always start with PoC's, driving partnership and looking for opportunities to find out and apply the newest technology.

We create business like Quoretech